Signs of healthy relationships

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Romantic relationships can be tough whether they are new or old. In the long run, relationships can be a blessing. At the same time, there are some relationships we find ourselves in that are unhealthy. Here are just a few signs that it may be time to move on from your romantic relationship.
Sign #1 – He/She NEVER calls you by your name. Pet names can be sweet and endearing but there may just be a problem if your romantic partner ONLY calls you babe, baby, sweetie, or some other nick name. We all like to be called be these titles because they sound good but if you are in a newer relationships and the person never uses your name it could be a possible sign that they are trying not to mix your name up with someone else’s. Continue reading “Signs of healthy relationships”

Valentine’s Day

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Looking for affordable and romantic Valentine’s Day centerpieces you can make yourself. Here are five simple projects that make beautiful Valentine’s Day centerpieces! All of the materials are super cheap and should allow you to make a nice large Valentine’s Day centerpiece. These are all great for a long dinner table that needs quite a bit of decoration in the middle to fill it up.
You can make a beautiful and simple affordable centerpiece put pf some simple: Large Silk Leaves, Chocolates, Candles and a Platter. Simply look buy some large green laves from the local arts and craft store. Lay them out in a border on you large platter. Place you candles in the middle of the platter and surround them with some pre wrapped Valentine’s Day chocolates. Hershey Kisses are perfect for this! You have a romantic centerpiece that you can nibble on. Continue reading “Valentine’s Day”

Ways to foster creativity in children

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As a behavioral therapist, I have worked with kids of varying developmental and mental abilities. And after ten years in the field, I still challenge myself to find news ways to foster creativity. Creativity tends to reveal itself most prominently in arts and music, but often in much simpler ways as well. Anytime a child is required to problem solve, come up with a unique idea, or think outside the box, creativity is the driving force at hand. Here are four ways to help develop a child’s creative abilities..

Spend Time at the Bookstore

The bookstore is one of the best places to foster creativity in children. You don’t even have to go with an agenda; just give them browsing time and see what they gravitate towards. The books they choose may surprise you, but that’s the whole point! Being exposed to new ideas and subject matter might just spark something. And don’t get discouraged if your child loses interest in some books quickly – that’s part of the process. And besides, there are plenty of worse things they could be doing than reading. Continue reading “Ways to foster creativity in children”