Why Tanzania is the perfect place for a family holiday

If you are looking for a holiday destination that is excellent for all ages Tanzania is for you. But if you are a young family it is not that easy thing to travel individually through the Country. Entering an ordinary travel agency office in your country, you can get there quite normal catalogue offers: Usually you have to decide between a relaxing Tanzania or Zanzibar hotel and beach holiday or a Tanzania round trip. Unfortunately the round trip typically is prepared for a small group of people but not for families. But there are a lot of changes in the travel market: Several tour providers, e.g. the Tanzania specialist Intakt-Reisen from Germany, are starting offer with a round trips with special focus on families.

What makes it such a perfect family holiday in Tanzania? You get to share the excitement of the entire holiday with everyone in your family; be it grandparents, the children, or the parents and you get to cherish the moments you have created on this trip. Every safari we offer is different from the previous one as each wildlife experience is so unique that even family members who are older will not have seen any of it before.

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How Does Public School “Dumb People Down”

The public school system we have today is a direct derivative of the Industrial Revolution and stemmed from a need to educate the children of families moving from rural areas to urban areas. Most of these children were expected to eventually become factory employees with a minimal need for higher education; reading, writing and arithmetic were the basic tenets necessary for graduation, any advanced subjects or study were reserved for wealthier children who would be attending high school and college to become doctors, lawyers, and bankers.

The goal of a public school education, in its infancy, was to teach children both the basic skills they needed to function in urban life (reading, writing letters, and basic math functions) and how to be a productive worker. This was accomplished through rote memorization, strict adherence to rules on behavior, attendance, and punctuality, and a culture of fear of authority. Children educated in this manner, the theory proposed, would grow up to be hard workers with just enough knowledge to get the job done but not enough to question processes alongside a healthy fear and respect of the corporate suits. The world has changed since the public school system was contrived, the job market has changed, our culture has changed, but the public school system, sadly, has largely remained the same.

Children in a public school setting today are still forced to memorize math facts and historical dates, are required to sit in hard chairs for several hours at a time, and are generally not encouraged to question authority. The Common Core Curriculum, recent standards adopted within the public school system, reduce education to the ability to pass standardized testing and require teachers to drill students on rote facts, strangely circuitous math processes, and speed reading rather than reading for content or pleasure. The Common Core Curriculum is teaching children that learning is not fun, that knowledge is pressure rather than power, and that school is boring. These children will not be lifelong learners, eager to explore the world and ask questions. Their curiosity is being drilled out of them by a classroom structure that labels them troublesome if they ask too many questions.

Too many public school classrooms are teaching our children that learning must occur while sitting in hard chairs listening to an adult spew words and numbers that may or may not make sense. Questions are discouraged, asking a friend for help is outlawed, and the need for movement is banned and labeled ADHD.

Imagine a world in which students were encouraged to ask questions if they didn’t understand, to dig deeper into a subject that intrigues them. Imagine a world in which a child could learn in the way he is wired, through movement and independent exploration. Imagine a world in which a child could break up the day as her body requires: bathroom breaks, snacks, and free play time on a schedule tailored to her age and abilities. The good news is, we don’t have to simply imagine this world, we can create it in our own homeschool environment.
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Founded by 4 generations of one homeschooling family, Brainy Bloom is hands down the most flexible, innovative and affordable online homeschooling program on the planet.

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Does Homeschooling Increase Civic Involvement?

Homeschooling families are often criticized for not being involved in the community but in most cases that stereotype could not be farther from the truth. Very often homeschooling parents and children are active volunteers who serve in a wide array of roles in the community.

Homeschooling as a system encourages and fosters responsibility and self-motivation in both parents and children. Parent/teachers are volunteering their time in the homeschool classroom to prepare lessons, give instruction, and follow-through on an educational plan. These homeschooling parents have a clear sense of what is right and the fortitude to follow through on those principles; these strong beliefs in making their children’s lives better translate easily into working to create a better community for their children. Some homeschool parents volunteer to serve in civic roles such as city council leaders, on community boards such as Zoning or Parks and Rec. Many more homeschool parents volunteer to serve as coaches for park and rec teams, teachers of summer art classes, or hosts of adult education courses.

Often homeschooling families are willing to invest more time and energy into community organizations and civic duties because they are not involved in the public school system, they are not volunteering at the local elementary school or chairing PTO events so they have more time to devote to other groups. Homeschool families might also be more dependent on city parks, the public library, and city recreational programs than families whose children attend public school; homeschool families don’t have access to the school library or playground so have a more vested interest in the community attractions quality. If your child will be attending story time at the library, you want to make sure the librarians have the resources they need. If your child will be playing at the city park, you want to ensure the safety of the equipment, the cleanliness of the park, and that various types of play and movement are encouraged. If your child will be making friends and learning skills through the community soccer program, you want to make sure it is well-coordinated and well-coached. This is why homeschool parents get involved in the community.

This parental volunteerism provides a role model and expectation for children who are watching their parents for clues on how to be a good person. Homeschool children are learning to be self-motivated learners and responsible students in the classroom so it is easy to extend those values into volunteering in the community. Older students are often asked to help teach younger siblings, an experience that translates well into coaching, teaching summer courses, or volunteering at church camps or community summer day camps.

Homeschooling families’ flexible schedules provide more opportunities for volunteering in civic and community roles as they are not bound by a timeclock. Both students and the parent/teacher can be available for morning or afternoon courses or allow for prep time for evening activities during the day.

Homeschooling leads to community involvement in a natural way for both parents and students and local communities reap the benefits.


Mimi Rothschild is a veteran homeschooling mother of 8, writer of a series of books called Cyberspace for Kids, and passionate advocate for children and education that is truly worthy of them. In 2001, Mimi and her late husband founded Learning By Grace, a leading provider of online Christian homeschooling Academies


Telling my Kids They Won’t Get to Meet their Sister

My wife is now twenty-one weeks pregnant, and our daughter has Turner Syndrome.  It is a very emotional time for both of us.  There are many great people with Turner Syndrome – but the majority of unborn children with Turners will not be born; and ours, according to multiple doctors, is one of those situations.

Because we did not know that anything was wrong until after we had begun telling people we were expecting our first two children were very excited.  They debated back and forth (as much as a four year old and two year old can) on what would be better, a sister (who might want their stuff) or a brother (who might get toys they didn’t want to play with).  Fast forward to now: due to all the swelling in our baby, Karah is already measuring thirty-two weeks, but is only halfway through the pregnancy.  A couple weeks ago we decided we had to tell Jovi and Jaspyn what was going on.

Every night we read a bedtime story (or two), sing a couple songs, and pray before we tuck the girls into bed.  We decided to be honest but not too technical with them.

“Girls, listen, I need to listen to this, it is important.  Jaxlee is sick inside Mommy’s tummy.”  Jovi’s face fell.  My chest tightened seeing her reaction and I was, am, so proud of how much sympathy, empathy, and love she has in her heart.  She loves Jaspyn so much, and she wanted Jaxlee here to love her too.  We didn’t know everything then that we know now.  We brought them to the last specialist appointment with us so they could hear her heartbeat, see her feet on the ultrasound; we were supposed to see her facial features but because of the swelling nothing could be distinguished…  And that’s all they’ll get.  Not only do we not get to bring our daughter home, we don’t get to bring their sister home…  it sucks.

We do believe that unborn children to go to Heaven, and we are teaching our children that.  We’ve told them Jaxlee won’t get to come home with us because she needs to go ahead and be in heaven and we will get to see her later (when we get there, after the end of a full and long naturally lived life (hopefully)).

About Kyle Souza
Kyle is a family oriented nerdy guy with a “day job” doing a wide veriaty of things and a blog talking about a wide variety of things.

Homeschooling a Large Family

Homeschooling a large family certainly poses challenges but teaching a larger group also holds some inherent advantages. Parents should not be intimidated by the idea of homeschool if they have a large family, rather they should embrace the idea of utilizing their children’s strengths to enhance all of their educational experiences.

To set up a classroom that can accommodate a large number of children, parents should start by determining if each child will need desk space or if a communal work table will suffice. There are benefits to each so the decision should be based upon children’s learning style, curriculum, and space available. It is important, however, to ensure that children have a space in which they can comfortably write, draw, or test without too many distractions.


Limiting distractions is another challenge in homeschooling large families. Some families choose to focus on teaching 1-2 children at a time while the others are engaged in play or other tasks. Other families choose to focus on classroom time with everyone at once so that play and family responsibilities can occur all together. If the age range amongst siblings is large, parents will need to ensure that the younger children are not bothering older children as they are trying to process information, think creatively, or take tests.

However, one of the benefits of homeschooling a large family is allowing older children to assist in the teaching of younger children. Not only can this practice help with organization and time management, but teaching a lesson can help cement the information into a child’s brain or even give them new insights into a concept. A child who idolizes an older sibling may be more receptive to a lesson from that sibling, especially if they have been struggling with the concept or rebelling against the parent.

Younger siblings can also take on the responsibility of helping older siblings by being research assistants, art project models, or listening to presentations or creative writing assignments. Allowing children to work collaboratively, despite age differences, can be a great tool in teaching kids about learning differences and how to operate in the workforce as adults. The age differences can make lesson planning challenging but as parents gain experience, it will become easier. Stacked learning about a single subject can assist in the planning, allowing older children to delve deeper into a topic while younger children are taught the basic concepts.

Time management is of vital importance when homeschooling a large family. Parent teachers need to make the best use of time to make sure everyone gets enough attention. Using regular household responsibilities to enhance learning is not only smart time management for school but also for housework. Alongside learning practical life skills, cooking time can teach numbers and math concept, laundry folding can be time to color sort and compare sizes, and outside playtime can teach biology, chemistry, botany, and earth science.

Time is not the only valuable resource, however. Homeschooling a large family can be expensive but a little bit of practicality and some recycling can go a long way. Paper should never be garbage but can always be used as scrap paper, painting paper, papier mache` material, or turned into origami animals. Milk cartons can be cut into pieces and used to make ornaments, wall decorations, or simply to practice cutting and tracing. Ripped or torn clothing can become puppets, monsters, or materials for mixed media artwork.

Choosing to homeschool a large family is a big commitment but one that can have a huge payoff for children and parents alike.


For 15 years Mimi Rothschild has been privileged to help hundreds of thousands of homeschoolers educate their children at home. The MorningStar Academy is a private online Christian school offering diplomas and teachers. The Jubilee Academy is an online Christian curriculum provider offering over 150 full year online Christian courses for PreK-12.



Adorable custom t-shirts for the little guys!

In the sea of kids clothing companies comes The Custom Kids made for me, a really cool brand that lets you customize their fun t-shirt designs online.


At thecustomkids.com you can create super cute custom T-shirts for babies, toddlers and youth. The little guys absolutely love wearing their own personalized t-shirts. The Custom Kids company partners with talented artists across the world to create some really awesome and kid-centric t-shirt designs that are easily customizable on their online site! Some fun customizable designs include skate shop, rock bands, flower shop, cute animals, monsters, badges and much more. The designs are digitally printed on really soft, super comfortable 100% cotton T-shirts at The Custom Kids made for me headquarters in Newport Beach California.


Their custom t-shirts are great as gifts for birthdays or baby showers, and just because! Be sure to check out & follow the Custom Kid’s twitter page for their latest news and snaps of their t-shirt prints : https://twitter.com/thecustomkids

Nerf Blasters for the Family

Nerf has been in business for over 50 years, but you probably know them just within the last few decades for their Nerf Blasters. Nerf Blasters are toy guns which fire darts made of foam and soft plastics. These toy guns are powered using a locking spring, or motorized spinner. Some models may require batteries, while others can be manually primed to fire.

Traditionally, Nerf guns have been marketed towards young boys ages 6 to 14 years old. As of recently, the whole family has been getting more involved. A Nerf war at home offers a great bonding experience for you and your child, and you’ll share plenty of smiles and laughs as you run around your home. It sure beats sitting on a couch and watching TV, barely interacting.

Since the darts are made of very light material, they don’t hurt anyone they hit. This makes it a toy that younger kids can play with without risk of injury to themselves or others. They may want to watch their eyes though, so safety glasses or goggles are recommended.

You should also be sure to do some research before picking out a Nerf gun for your young child. You need to find the best Nerf guns for young kids to make sure they will be able to handle the toy without issues. Some Nerf Blasters are too advance for kids under the age of 8, while others will work just fine.

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5 Tips to Help Relieve Endometriosis Naturally

 Brought to you by SimpleRx

(Image source: Stock Photography)

It is estimated that 1 in 10 women suffer with endometriosis during their reproductive years. Some of the most common symptoms include severely painful periods, irregular periods, painful intercourse, painful bowel movements, extreme fatigue and even infertility.

There is no known cure for endometriosis although effective relief with drugs is a consideration. However, the side effects of these drugs make this treatment a short–term option only. Another more drastic treatment is removal of the ovaries and hysterectomy. While this increases the chances of pain relief, the woman’s body is driven straight into menopause.

Always discuss your personal situation and treatment plan with your doctor, but before reverting to any radical solution, women with endometriosis should know they could find relief through natural methods.

1. Supplements

Studies have shown that the following supplements can provide relief and positive results against endometriosis:

  • Fish oil containing EPA and DHA works to inhibit the formation of adhesions and fibrous tissue.
  • Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is great for shrinking the cysts and adhesions, helping the digestion, balancing the hormones and helping the liver. One or two teaspoons taken with water on an empty stomach is recommended.
  • Seaweed, in powder form or as tablets, are beneficial too because they contain calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese, proteins, fiber and a high iodine content that improves the thyroid function.

2. Change your diet

Studies have also supported that certain foods can decrease the risk and pain of endometriosis. For example:

  • Leafy Green Vegetables

Kale, Spinach, Collard Greens, Broccoli, Cabbage.

  • Foods High in Lycopene

Tomatoes (especially cooked), watermelon, grapefruit, red peppers (especially cooked), asparagus (especially cooked), papaya, guava,

  • Grains, Seeds and Nuts

Brown Rice, Quinoa, Chia Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Nuts (keep to around 6-7 per day).

On the other hand, look to cut off some “bad for your condition foods” such as canned or frozen foods, soy, fats (except olive oil and coconut butter), fried food, dried fruit, coffee, alcohol, meat, hydrogenated fats, gluten, carbohydrates, sugar (in all its forms) and cow/sheep dairy.

3. Detoxify

Maintaining liver and colon health is very important and primarily to relieve any bowel problems associated with endometriosis. Besides a proper diet, start your day with fresh juices made with beetroot, carrots, apples, spinach, kale and lemon.

4. Pay attention to your liver

According to Chinese Medicine, if you are experiencing abdominal pain, PMS, depression, dry stool and bloating you may have what is referred to as “stagnant liver energy.”

When the liver functions are healthy, symptoms of endometriosis have been show to be greatly reduced. That is why you should constantly pay attention to your liver health. Do not eat big or rich meals (break out into multiple small meals per day) and exclude from your diet fried food or excessive dairy.

Other things you can consider are taking supplements to support liver health such as milk thistle and dandelion. Also, add lemon juice to all your smoothies or salads, cooked or steam vegetables if you suffer with bloat too often.

5. Be active

Endometriosis is often associated with the lymphatic system so get up and move! Pilates, yoga, brisk walking, swimming, biking, jogging – these are all very effective and can support your body in managing the difficult symptoms of endometriosis.

Period tracker app

If you want to increase your chances of conceiving, avoid becoming pregnant, or you want an easy way of tracking your menstrual cycle, Period and Ovulation Tracker will help you achieve all of these and a lot more. It is a free app that improves upon itself as more data is entered into it.

With this app, women who want to keep track of their period can do the following:

  • Enter the most popular symptoms of PMS that they exhibit
  • Observe the menstrual flow; heavy, medium, low or spotting.
  • Take note of the start, end dates and duration of their period.

In addition to that Period tracker app can also:

  • Calculate and predict period dates in the future
  • Show the history of menstrual cycles in the past
  • Maintain a complete period diary.
  • Store each entry made by the user as a text note.


For women who desire to get pregnant, the Period and Ovulation app comes in handy and will provide the following features:

  • Indicate the most fertile days when the chances of conceiving are very high
  • It will give a detailed graph and chart of cervical mucus, position, BBT, firmness and opening.
  • It will notify the user about the particular day they need to do a pregnancy test.
  • It allows users to make record of intimate date of unprotected/protected sex to determine whether you are correct in the timing to get pregnant.

Apart from the ovulation calendar and the ovulation calculator features, there are other benefits of using this app. Continue reading “Period tracker app”

Hampers/gift sets

If you are particularly close to the new born child, it is worth thinking of gifting them a hamper or gift set, to really show them how much you care. Common gifts inside a gift set or hamper include baby grows, bibs, socks, hats and toiletries suited just for the baby.


As any new parent will tell you, outfit changes will have to happen sometimes several times a day, because babies don’t really have much regard for keeping themselves clean! It would be particularly helpful, then, to gift the new born a set of beautiful baby grows. Make sure they’re high quality so they feel lovely and soft against the baby’s skin and will make everyone want to cuddle them close! There are so many unique designs you can choose from, and there’s no doubt the baby will look adorable in whichever you may decide to buy them.

Toiletries have to be specifically baby friendly, for obvious reasons, and there are loads of toiletry based gift sets and hampers to buy as a gift for a new born. Baby shampoo, soap and cream will help to keep the baby lovely and clean, and fresh, and smelling gorgeous. Most will come with a cute baby hairbrush too, for brushing out the hair, even if it is a little wispy for the first few months! A baby’s first bath time is such a special moment; make it perfect with a specialised baby toiletry gift set.

It’s important a baby is kept warm and cosy, so they grow up strong and healthy. By giving a gift set with little hats, socks, gloves and blankets, you’ll give the baby the chance at many, many cosy days and nights. Add in a cuddly toy as well, so they can be extra comfy. It’ll really help out the new baby’s parents, to know their baby is going to be kept warm and cosy.

You could also put a teething ring into the gift set, ready for when the baby’s teeth start to come through and give them a little bit of aggravation! It’ll certainly mean a lot to the baby’s parents! Continue reading “Hampers/gift sets”

Why Do Most Relationships Fail?

This is the question of the century. More than half of marriages in the United States end up in a divorce and love seems to only happen in dreams. Let me tell you that as a relationship expert, there are things you can do to turn any relationship around. And I’m not the only one to say this too, because courses like the relationship rewind and the magic of making up shows you that you CAN heal any relationship no matter how bad it may seem.


Once you realize just simple human psychology and the differences of men and women, you can use this information to help turn your relationship around. And many times, the problems aren’t even big at all. It is the small things that can ruin the relationship. Like the husband, not taking out the trash, or the wife wanting to talk to the husband, but he wants to be left alone.

You need to understand that men and women are built differently by nature. We have different brains; literally. The sizes of and structure of a male brain is different from the female brain. I don’t want to get all scientific on you, but I’ll explain it as simply as possible.

Women are better at multi-tasking. Period. That’s just how females are built. Women have a brain structure that allows them to make more neuro-connections at the same time. But this simultaneous brain activity is also the reason why women seem to be more emotional than men are. Because they link the right side of their brain (the emotional side) with their logical side of their brain. So this tends to make them a little bit more emotional than men.

Men on the other hand are more goal-oriented. They can hone in on one thing and stay on it for a longer period of time. This is why sometimes they don’t want to be “interrupted” because they don’t want to break their focus, even if it’s for a little talk. Men are also a lot more logical than women because they tend to function mainly on one side of the brain at a time. They don’t often link their logic with their emotions as much as women do. See, women can talk to their girlfriends for hours on ends on their problems because girls can related to the problems, but men just can’t do this. It’s because when men tend to talk, they think over things logically, and can’t really “feel” what the other person is feeling as much as women can.

How do I fix problems with my relationship? Well, one very easy and effective way is to simply see a relationship expert or a psychologist. It might be hard to swallow, but it really is an effective way to treat a relationship. You also get to have one on one consultation, which will give you a customized way to treat your relationship. Another is to look online. Look around for some great courses and follow along the program. You’ll be amazed at how much great information are on these courses. I’ve already recommended the relationship rewind course which you can use to strengthen your relationship with your significant other. But, before you invest in any program online, be sure to check out the reviews to see if they are any good or not. A little research goes a long way in your investment. Also check out some get back with your ex videos for some extra tips.

The Reasons Why Coloring Activities is Full of Benefits


Coloring activity is important to be done by children. You may find that your children can feel happy when they do this kind of activity. When they do activity related with color, it can improve their mood in an instant. You ever watch your children do coloring activities, right? I am so curious with the reason why children tend to love doing this activity so much. For that reason, I do some researches in order to know about what advantages that children can do when they do this type of activity.

First, when children do coloring activities, they will be able to know about different shape and pattern. It can be found through the writing tools that they will use when they do coloring activities like that. In fact, it can make them find easier to recognize about how well they have to use the writing tools. If they cannot use it properly, it will make them get disadvantages in an instant. Then, you can also find that this type of activity can also build the tiny muscle in wrist, hand, and finger or your child. As a result, later on they will be able to know about how they have to develop the quality of their finger from now on.

Secondly, it is indeed that coloring activity will be able to make your children learn about how to color the picture or design in the specific area. It is important for them to know about the accuracy when they want to do this kind of activity. In the end, they will be able to develop their patience to control emotion and detail so that they will be able to color the picture correctly with miss at all. When your children can do it well, you will find this kind of activity can make your children feel good mood when the page is done.  They can feel proud to see the accomplishment they have done so far.

I have done some researches in website to know more about this coloring activity. At last, I find a suitable selection of website that I can use as my reference. Recently, I use this website, colorluna.com  where I can found many interesting free coloring pages that you can print directly to paper and give it to your kids to have fun with. It is also available with variety selection of topic and categories that can be chosen easily. My five years old daughter even browse and looking for her desirable picture on her own and I see that she has no problem in finding those stuff as the website navigation is pretty easy and even catchy to the kids.