Why Tanzania is the perfect place for a family holiday

If you are looking for a holiday destination that is excellent for all ages Tanzania is for you. But if you are a young family it is not that easy thing to travel individually through the Country. Entering an ordinary travel agency office in your country, you can get there quite normal catalogue offers: Usually you have to decide between a relaxing Tanzania or Zanzibar hotel and beach holiday or a Tanzania round trip. Unfortunately the round trip typically is prepared for a small group of people but not for families. But there are a lot of changes in the travel market: Several tour providers, e.g. the Tanzania specialist Intakt-Reisen from Germany, are starting offer with a round trips with special focus on families.

What makes it such a perfect family holiday in Tanzania? You get to share the excitement of the entire holiday with everyone in your family; be it grandparents, the children, or the parents and you get to cherish the moments you have created on this trip. Every safari we offer is different from the previous one as each wildlife experience is so unique that even family members who are older will not have seen any of it before.

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