Period tracker app

If you want to increase your chances of conceiving, avoid becoming pregnant, or you want an easy way of tracking your menstrual cycle, Period and Ovulation Tracker will help you achieve all of these and a lot more. It is a free app that improves upon itself as more data is entered into it.

With this app, women who want to keep track of their period can do the following:

  • Enter the most popular symptoms of PMS that they exhibit
  • Observe the menstrual flow; heavy, medium, low or spotting.
  • Take note of the start, end dates and duration of their period.

In addition to that Period tracker app can also:

  • Calculate and predict period dates in the future
  • Show the history of menstrual cycles in the past
  • Maintain a complete period diary.
  • Store each entry made by the user as a text note.


For women who desire to get pregnant, the Period and Ovulation app comes in handy and will provide the following features:

  • Indicate the most fertile days when the chances of conceiving are very high
  • It will give a detailed graph and chart of cervical mucus, position, BBT, firmness and opening.
  • It will notify the user about the particular day they need to do a pregnancy test.
  • It allows users to make record of intimate date of unprotected/protected sex to determine whether you are correct in the timing to get pregnant.

Apart from the ovulation calendar and the ovulation calculator features, there are other benefits of using this app. Continue reading “Period tracker app”

Hampers/gift sets

If you are particularly close to the new born child, it is worth thinking of gifting them a hamper or gift set, to really show them how much you care. Common gifts inside a gift set or hamper include baby grows, bibs, socks, hats and toiletries suited just for the baby.


As any new parent will tell you, outfit changes will have to happen sometimes several times a day, because babies don’t really have much regard for keeping themselves clean! It would be particularly helpful, then, to gift the new born a set of beautiful baby grows. Make sure they’re high quality so they feel lovely and soft against the baby’s skin and will make everyone want to cuddle them close! There are so many unique designs you can choose from, and there’s no doubt the baby will look adorable in whichever you may decide to buy them.

Toiletries have to be specifically baby friendly, for obvious reasons, and there are loads of toiletry based gift sets and hampers to buy as a gift for a new born. Baby shampoo, soap and cream will help to keep the baby lovely and clean, and fresh, and smelling gorgeous. Most will come with a cute baby hairbrush too, for brushing out the hair, even if it is a little wispy for the first few months! A baby’s first bath time is such a special moment; make it perfect with a specialised baby toiletry gift set.

It’s important a baby is kept warm and cosy, so they grow up strong and healthy. By giving a gift set with little hats, socks, gloves and blankets, you’ll give the baby the chance at many, many cosy days and nights. Add in a cuddly toy as well, so they can be extra comfy. It’ll really help out the new baby’s parents, to know their baby is going to be kept warm and cosy.

You could also put a teething ring into the gift set, ready for when the baby’s teeth start to come through and give them a little bit of aggravation! It’ll certainly mean a lot to the baby’s parents! Continue reading “Hampers/gift sets”