Launching the First Bedtime Bedding Set of the World

After working relentlessly for over two years, we can finally say that we have developed the first Bedtime Bedding Set of the world! Coming this far wasn’t easy, but we had to do it because we want to witness a day when every kid in the world gets daily bedtime stories!

Everything in a single package

The main component of our bedding set is the duvet cover. The cover is an illustrated piece of beautiful art, with interactive features like fishing boat, hide and seek tent, mushroom slide, secret treasure and more. Interactive means that kids can actually interact with our sets. For example, there is a treasure hidden below a bridge, which can only be found if a child lifts the bridge. Apart from duvet, our sets come with pillow covers and three plush bedtime buddies – Barney, with his immense optimism; Viola, with her endless energy; and Stormy, with his spontaneity. The set also includes optional pajamas. And lastly, the set comes with a very helpful app.


Worthy of appreciation

Our bedding sets are super kid-friendly and impressive. That is because we put a lot of effort into designing every little aspect. With 200 thread-count pillowcases and duvet covers that are made of 100% cotton sateen, our bedding sets make use of prints that look extremely detailed and vibrant. Manufactured in the EU, the sets fully comply with the OEKO-TEX standards, as well. In addition to that, the sets use only those materials that are totally safe, child-friendly, and eco-friendly. At present, the Bedtime Bedding set comes in only one theme called Groovy Grove, but we are working on two more themes – Prehistoric Park and Faraway Kingdom.


Brief glimpse into the past

It took us over two years to reach the point where we are now. After the idea came to us, we started designing and prototyping the concept in the month of November in 2013. That continued for about 6 months. Testing and improving consumed another 11 months. That involved personal interactions with many parents to understand what made their kids tick, endless sessions with psychologists to really get how the minds of kids worked, and talks with industry experts to create everything from safe, comfortable and high-quality materials.

The one thing that motivates us

Over 87% of kids do not get their bedtime stories daily anymore. That is because their parents just cannot sit and relax with them, even at night. The parents would love to do that of course, but they are helpless as they don’t have enough time! That is sad, that is heartbreaking! And we want to change that. Our dream is to let all kids experience amazing stories every day before they go to sleep. That is what motivates us.

Link to our project on Kickstarter:

How to Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Have you not too long ago had a break up? Do you think that maybe the break up is a mistake? If that’s the case, here are a number of things you may do to get your ex girlfriend back.

Occasionally, people get angry and do things which they should not. Maybe you and your ex girlfriend had a fight and made a decision to break up. Right now, you might be reconsidering your decision. You may end up being in a position to resolve things and win back your ex. Your capability to get your ex back is dependent upon many different factors nevertheless.

Among the best approaches to win back your ex would be to give her some space. It sounds insane, but occasionally it really does work. As opposed to disturbing your ex together with email messages, telephone calls, and texts, simply let things calm down. You might want to send a note that simply states, “I’m sorry and I still care about you”. That is it though.

Whatever you do, do not go delivering flowers and also expensive gifts. This will just annoy your ex and help to make you look desperate.

Soon after a couple of weeks, you might desire to speak to your ex in the event that you have not heard from her. Make sure to end up being polite and peaceful. Don’t invest a very long time on the phone or beg your ex to come back. This will just thwart your goal of getting back together again.

Do not drive around your ex’s home or even apartment hoping for a peek at her either. This is really a type of stalking and might actually frighten your ex rather than convincing her to restore the relationship.

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