BFIT108 is The APP To Get Your Mojo Back In Shape

As a single parent entering into the world of dating again; I am now faced with the struggle of getting myself into shape physically while taking care of my children. Time and money are not on any single parent side. BFIT108 is a 10 minute workout that you do for 8 weeks, real simple just … Continue reading “BFIT108 is The APP To Get Your Mojo Back In Shape”

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As a single parent entering into the world of dating again; I am now faced with the struggle of getting myself into shape physically while taking care of my children. Time and money are not on any single parent side.

BFIT108 is a 10 minute workout that you do for 8 weeks, real simple just follow the exercises after you take your assessment. The APP also comes with 20 minute meals (and shopping lists) that cost $6-$8 and you can make in 20 minutes. After your first week of workouts your rewarded with another week of of recipes and exercises that get slowly more intense. The workout is designed for you to a serious workout in week 8; 10 minutes of non stop exercise.

The initial trial according to their website BFit108.com you lose on average 5lbs. Over the course of 8 weeks participants lost 12lbs on average for just an 8 week program that takes 10 minutes a day for 6 days and 8 weeks…incredible.

The workout was designed to change your habits of not working to working out. We would never leave our house without brushing our teethe in the morning; because we were taught that as a healthy habit. Bfit108 teaches us to never leave your home without performing your BFIT108 ten minute workout.

Take it from this single parent; working out ten minutes in the morning before my kids are awake allows me to feel amazing; accomplished and full of energy. I’m ready to take on the day and get back out into dating, feeling and looking great.

The challenge is 10 minutes and 8 weeks but give it a shot and you’ll see amazing results in just 4 weeks.

Download BFit108

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Why Tanzania is the perfect place for a family holiday

If you are looking for a holiday destination that is excellent for all ages Tanzania is for you. But if you are a young family it is not that easy thing to travel individually through the Country. Entering an ordinary travel agency office in your country, you can get there quite normal catalogue offers: Usually you have to decide between a relaxing Tanzania or Zanzibar hotel and beach holiday or a Tanzania round trip. Unfortunately the round trip typically is prepared for a small group of people but not for families. But there are a lot of changes in the travel market: Several tour providers, e.g. the Tanzania specialist Intakt-Reisen from Germany, are starting offer with a round trips with special focus on families.

What makes it such a perfect family holiday in Tanzania? You get to share the excitement of the entire holiday with everyone in your family; be it grandparents, the children, or the parents and you get to cherish the moments you have created on this trip. Every safari we offer is different from the previous one as each wildlife experience is so unique that even family members who are older will not have seen any of it before.

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5 Reasons Online Courses are Great for College Prep

Many students will be looking ahead to college long before they arrive. There are ways to prepare in advance for this experience. Considering the level of coursework, study requirements and subject matter covered, students will want to get a real life example. Online courses offer students a great way to prepare for college. These courses are available in a variety of forms. Some universities and community colleges offer supplemental courses to students.

There are courses that do not require traditional admissions requirements to take. Online academies and paid courses are also an option when it comes to these pursuits. The design of this process provides students with the course load for individual topics, without necessarily having to be on campus. Certificate and licensure programs in certain areas, can provide this experience, as well. Here are 5 Reasons Online Courses are helpful for College Prep:

1 – Expand Academics

There are differences between high school coursework and those experienced in college. Students taking online courses will be able to learn this first hand. Depending on the subject matter, it is possible to expand academics altogether. Some courses require a high level of study materials and assignments. Credit courses, especially will take the students experience to the next level.

2 – Coursework Requirements

Students may opt to take many different courses for their college preparation goals. It doesn’t matter whether they take Math, History or Science. The requirements for these courses include study materials, assignments and research activities. Students can take one or more courses to gain this experience. This also allows them to get familiar with professor expectations.

3 – Assignment Levels

Although many high school students are taking advanced classes, they are not the same as college level courses. The assignments required for these courses will like double the expectation of students. Some of these will include writing assignments, research projects and complex topic coverage. Utilizing multiple resources to advance in individual courses is a part of the process and college experience.

4 – Career Accessories

Many students, who take online courses for college prep, will prefer to focus on their future careers. This may mean taking a Political Science course if you want to go into the law field. Students are likely to gain familiarity with a particular area of study through these courses. This can help them to gain tangible accessories that prepare them for specific industries or focuses. At the same time, some students will take courses that eliminate areas from future pursuits.

5 – Pinpoint Majors

It is possible to pinpoint your major for your bachelor’s degree through these courses. Students can use these courses and their requirements to decide on majors and minors. Some subjects will be tailored to a particular major, while others could simply be an interest of the student.

The challenge that online coursework provides alone is a good benefit to high school students. They allow them to see what the next level of education will be like. In many instances, these courses will provide more than this. They may highlight career pursuits for students. Online courses are available in virtually every subject.

For 15 years Mimi Rothschild has been privileged to help hundreds of thousands of homeschoolers educate their children at home. The MorningStar Academy is a private online Christian school offering diplomas and teachers. The Jubilee Academy is an online Christian curriculum provider offering over 150 full year online Christian courses for PreK-12.



How Does Public School “Dumb People Down”

The public school system we have today is a direct derivative of the Industrial Revolution and stemmed from a need to educate the children of families moving from rural areas to urban areas. Most of these children were expected to eventually become factory employees with a minimal need for higher education; reading, writing and arithmetic were the basic tenets necessary for graduation, any advanced subjects or study were reserved for wealthier children who would be attending high school and college to become doctors, lawyers, and bankers.

The goal of a public school education, in its infancy, was to teach children both the basic skills they needed to function in urban life (reading, writing letters, and basic math functions) and how to be a productive worker. This was accomplished through rote memorization, strict adherence to rules on behavior, attendance, and punctuality, and a culture of fear of authority. Children educated in this manner, the theory proposed, would grow up to be hard workers with just enough knowledge to get the job done but not enough to question processes alongside a healthy fear and respect of the corporate suits. The world has changed since the public school system was contrived, the job market has changed, our culture has changed, but the public school system, sadly, has largely remained the same.

Children in a public school setting today are still forced to memorize math facts and historical dates, are required to sit in hard chairs for several hours at a time, and are generally not encouraged to question authority. The Common Core Curriculum, recent standards adopted within the public school system, reduce education to the ability to pass standardized testing and require teachers to drill students on rote facts, strangely circuitous math processes, and speed reading rather than reading for content or pleasure. The Common Core Curriculum is teaching children that learning is not fun, that knowledge is pressure rather than power, and that school is boring. These children will not be lifelong learners, eager to explore the world and ask questions. Their curiosity is being drilled out of them by a classroom structure that labels them troublesome if they ask too many questions.

Too many public school classrooms are teaching our children that learning must occur while sitting in hard chairs listening to an adult spew words and numbers that may or may not make sense. Questions are discouraged, asking a friend for help is outlawed, and the need for movement is banned and labeled ADHD.

Imagine a world in which students were encouraged to ask questions if they didn’t understand, to dig deeper into a subject that intrigues them. Imagine a world in which a child could learn in the way he is wired, through movement and independent exploration. Imagine a world in which a child could break up the day as her body requires: bathroom breaks, snacks, and free play time on a schedule tailored to her age and abilities. The good news is, we don’t have to simply imagine this world, we can create it in our own homeschool environment.
Brainy Bloom is the newest and boldest way to homeschool. With a low monthly membership of less than a dollar a day, your entire family has UNLIMITED access to 18 AWARD WINNING curriculum publishers including giants like Discovery Education, Brain Pop, Right Now Media, and much more.

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Founded by 4 generations of one homeschooling family, Brainy Bloom is hands down the most flexible, innovative and affordable online homeschooling program on the planet.

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Does Homeschooling Increase Civic Involvement?

Homeschooling families are often criticized for not being involved in the community but in most cases that stereotype could not be farther from the truth. Very often homeschooling parents and children are active volunteers who serve in a wide array of roles in the community.

Homeschooling as a system encourages and fosters responsibility and self-motivation in both parents and children. Parent/teachers are volunteering their time in the homeschool classroom to prepare lessons, give instruction, and follow-through on an educational plan. These homeschooling parents have a clear sense of what is right and the fortitude to follow through on those principles; these strong beliefs in making their children’s lives better translate easily into working to create a better community for their children. Some homeschool parents volunteer to serve in civic roles such as city council leaders, on community boards such as Zoning or Parks and Rec. Many more homeschool parents volunteer to serve as coaches for park and rec teams, teachers of summer art classes, or hosts of adult education courses.

Often homeschooling families are willing to invest more time and energy into community organizations and civic duties because they are not involved in the public school system, they are not volunteering at the local elementary school or chairing PTO events so they have more time to devote to other groups. Homeschool families might also be more dependent on city parks, the public library, and city recreational programs than families whose children attend public school; homeschool families don’t have access to the school library or playground so have a more vested interest in the community attractions quality. If your child will be attending story time at the library, you want to make sure the librarians have the resources they need. If your child will be playing at the city park, you want to ensure the safety of the equipment, the cleanliness of the park, and that various types of play and movement are encouraged. If your child will be making friends and learning skills through the community soccer program, you want to make sure it is well-coordinated and well-coached. This is why homeschool parents get involved in the community.

This parental volunteerism provides a role model and expectation for children who are watching their parents for clues on how to be a good person. Homeschool children are learning to be self-motivated learners and responsible students in the classroom so it is easy to extend those values into volunteering in the community. Older students are often asked to help teach younger siblings, an experience that translates well into coaching, teaching summer courses, or volunteering at church camps or community summer day camps.

Homeschooling families’ flexible schedules provide more opportunities for volunteering in civic and community roles as they are not bound by a timeclock. Both students and the parent/teacher can be available for morning or afternoon courses or allow for prep time for evening activities during the day.

Homeschooling leads to community involvement in a natural way for both parents and students and local communities reap the benefits.


Mimi Rothschild is a veteran homeschooling mother of 8, writer of a series of books called Cyberspace for Kids, and passionate advocate for children and education that is truly worthy of them. In 2001, Mimi and her late husband founded Learning By Grace, a leading provider of online Christian homeschooling Academies



Telling my Kids They Won’t Get to Meet their Sister

My wife is now twenty-one weeks pregnant, and our daughter has Turner Syndrome.  It is a very emotional time for both of us.  There are many great people with Turner Syndrome – but the majority of unborn children with Turners will not be born; and ours, according to multiple doctors, is one of those situations.

Because we did not know that anything was wrong until after we had begun telling people we were expecting our first two children were very excited.  They debated back and forth (as much as a four year old and two year old can) on what would be better, a sister (who might want their stuff) or a brother (who might get toys they didn’t want to play with).  Fast forward to now: due to all the swelling in our baby, Karah is already measuring thirty-two weeks, but is only halfway through the pregnancy.  A couple weeks ago we decided we had to tell Jovi and Jaspyn what was going on.

Every night we read a bedtime story (or two), sing a couple songs, and pray before we tuck the girls into bed.  We decided to be honest but not too technical with them.

“Girls, listen, I need to listen to this, it is important.  Jaxlee is sick inside Mommy’s tummy.”  Jovi’s face fell.  My chest tightened seeing her reaction and I was, am, so proud of how much sympathy, empathy, and love she has in her heart.  She loves Jaspyn so much, and she wanted Jaxlee here to love her too.  We didn’t know everything then that we know now.  We brought them to the last specialist appointment with us so they could hear her heartbeat, see her feet on the ultrasound; we were supposed to see her facial features but because of the swelling nothing could be distinguished…  And that’s all they’ll get.  Not only do we not get to bring our daughter home, we don’t get to bring their sister home…  it sucks.

We do believe that unborn children to go to Heaven, and we are teaching our children that.  We’ve told them Jaxlee won’t get to come home with us because she needs to go ahead and be in heaven and we will get to see her later (when we get there, after the end of a full and long naturally lived life (hopefully)).

About Kyle Souza
Kyle is a family oriented nerdy guy with a “day job” doing a wide veriaty of things and a blog talking about a wide variety of things.


Why Are More and More Families Homeschooling?

The family is the basic unit of society. Not everything society teaches or how it teaches is best for your child. There are various reasons why families are switching. More and more parents are homeschooling their kids because they want to be closer to their child’s growth.

When I first heard about homeschooling, my initial thought was, it should be more ‘convenient’. See, your child not needing to physically attend classes anymore, less packed lunch preparation time, no more forced morning classes and a lot more. On the other hand, the first question that came to me was, is it going to be more expensive? The answer will really depend on the financial situation and the current tuition fee you pay for your child’s school.

These factors should not be the main priority. You might want to ask yourself other factors to consider first, such as: what can homeschooling offer my children? Is it something that could help them have more flexibility and opportunity?

The way I see regular schools for most parents is that, sending their children to regular schools frees their time to take the responsibility of teaching their own kids. It allows them to have more ‘me’ time, or time for other things.

Imagine a family that travels a lot. Some schools could be lenient when it comes to attendance, but not conduct special classes for your children for lost time. The students will still be subject to exams and project deadlines. Due to this, the child will be bouncing back and forth to different styles of teaching. This might be stressful for the student and even for the teacher.

Even if we have anti-bullying laws and campaigns do you still want to expose your child to a life based on laws that work only when the act is already done? The world might be progressing in terms of laws and technology, but the basic laws of survival of the fittest may still be at play in some families.

Homeschooling prevents these things from happening to a child at the age when they are still growing. Building a strong moral foundation for your child is essential and this can only be done within the family. You can teach and express without discrimination.

Homeschooling offers you and your child freedom. Freedom from the regular school systems which are focusing less on morals and education. Schools have a regulated system that will be in line with what you government requires to be taught based on their studies. This type of system is not appreciated by many families. It could be good enough for those families living in countries which have a better economy, but for those families who live in third world countries, it might be a totally different story. There is a high possibility that even those private schools which middle-class families can afford don’t really provide quality education.

Families are growing more and more restless to the degrading quality of traditional schools which present a learning Utopia for kids, but in reality are nothing better that the other.

Quality growth starts at home. Homeschooling has everyone at home on their feet when study time comes. Some families find this activity fun and an awesome way to grow and learn together with their children building a strong bond for their future.


Mimi Rothschild is a veteran homeschooling mother of 8, writer of a series of books called Cyberspace for Kids, and passionate advocate for children and education that is truly worthy of them. In 2001, Mimi and her late husband founded Learning By Grace, a leading provider of online Christian homeschooling Academies. 



The Best Over 50 Dating Site – OurTime.com

There are seemingly innumerable dating sites for those over 50 that can be found online. However, OurTime.com seeks to be different in its approach, offering a more modern appeal that provides active people over 50 with a way to meet safely online.

How it Works

You start by taking a few moments to fill out the registration form and then you are free to upload your personal file with information and photos. The system itself is fairly easy to use and provides a platform for live chat and messaging just like most online dating sites.

After uploading your information, the site itself works in many ways like other dating sites in that you can scan the members available, send out flirts or winks, and use the messaging or live chat service to talk to those who answer your invitation. Of course, people can find your profile and offer invitations to converse as well.

OurTime.com attempts to combine the familiarity of older online dating sites with updated aesthetics that make it easier, as well as more attractive, to search, find, and converse with those who you find interesting. It is the culmination of years of work and attempts to update the traditional online dating site.



There are a few ways that OurTime.com stands out from most other online over 50 dating sites dedicated to those over 50 years old.

Clean Interface: Arguably the most notable aspect is the clean interface which makes it easy to navigate the site. It also makes it more attractive and the aesthetics make it noticeable different than many other dating sites you’ll find online.

Mobile Friendly: While most online dating sites have become friendly to mobile devices over the past few years, OurTime.com stands out thanks to its clean interface and simple, yet elegant style. This means that it is easy to find what you want while using your smartphone or tablet.

Casual Features: Another interesting advantage is that OurTime.com is rather simple and straightforward when it comes to uploading information. After you put in some basic info about yourself, you can narrow your search for others simply by indicating the body type of those that you find attractive. Continue reading “The Best Over 50 Dating Site – OurTime.com”


Why Art is Important

Every homeschool parent schedules time for reading, math, science, and social studies but are music and art included in your curriculum? If not, you need to reevaluate your lesson plans and find ways to incorporate the fine arts into your child’s schedule. Music and art not only help children become well-rounded adults who can speak on a variety of topics but also help them understand the common core subjects better. A student who studies music will better understand math concepts and may even be able to learn a second language faster than a student who has never been exposed to music education. But why is art important?

Art is a creative outlet that literally anyone can utilize, even those with “no artistic ability.” Simply coloring in a coloring book qualifies as art and can be a stress reliever for parents and children alike. Art doesn’t have to be complicated or perfect, it just needs to be creative. A piece of construction paper, a cup of glue with a Q-tip paint brush, and a few pieces of cut yarn can yield a masterpiece when studying the letter /Y/. Follow up the craft project by asking kids to explain what they have created or, for older kids, write a description of their art, and you have successfully transitioned from fine motor skills into language and reading territory.

When art is part of a homeschool curriculum, it gives students an opportunity to express their feelings, practice fine motor skills, use their imagination, and showcase projects they are proud of. Incorporating art into common core subjects can help students understand the concepts, timelines, or ideas in a deeper way. Ask a child to illustrate a favorite book and he will start to think about the characters and settings in a new way. Encourage a student to create a visual display to explain a challenging math concept such as dividing fractions and she will grasp the concept much sooner. Help your child design and put together a costume or diorama of a period in history and it will be forever cemented in his mind.

Parent/teachers can teach art history with trips to local museums or virtual visits to galleries around the world. Students can mimic great works of art or recreate famous styles such as Picasso’s abstract pieces or Andy Warhol’s iconic soup can imagery. When kids are exposed to a wide range of artistic styles and mediums, it allows their own imagination to soar.

But art education doesn’t have to be limited to learning about great artists or as a teaching tool but can simply be about having fun and being creative. A trip to a craft store with a budget and an idea can transform a rainy afternoon into an art bonanza. A bucket of craft sticks can become a house, a picture frame, or a marble run. Googly eyes can transform an odd sock into a new friend. Glitter glue can turn an ordinary piece of paper into a frame-able piece of art. Continue reading “Why Art is Important”


New 100% Mold Free Bath Toy Organizer

If you have kids you know they like to have all the toys in the bath. And afterwards they are all over the bath tub soaking wet and you have to leave them there to dry.

But by having The Bath-Buddy (a bath toy organizer) it means your kids toys won’t be left all over the bathtub or the floor. It will also encourage your kids to clean up after themselves and you don’t have to worry about dirty mold growing on the bath toys.

That’s because the Bath-Buddy is free draining, and easy to keep clean, which means you bath toys can dry naturally, and this helps eliminate the possibility that mold can grow on the toys.


The bath-buddy has two suction cups which hold the bath net securely on the bathroom tiles or shower, making it simple and easy to install. The bath net can also easily be removed when needed. It also comes with two extra hooked suction cups which can be used to hold other bathroom accessories such as scrubbing brushes meaning that the Bath-Buddy caters for both kids and adults bathroom needs.

Here is what one happy customer said:

The Bath Toy Organizer helps keep the toys out of the bottom of the tub. I like it because it helps dry out the toys and they don’t get moldy. After getting this one home and putting it in our only bath tub it makes it a lot nicer for the person that gets in right after my granddaughter. Before we had this the next person would have to shake out all the toys as best they could and put them next to the tub until the next time my granddaughter comes over. Now I just have her put them in the bag which is nicely hanging on the wall with the strong suction cups and nothing is in anyone’s way. After seeing her toys in it I kept thinking of a bunch of other uses for the suction cupped bag. I kept thinking how nice would it be if all my products were hanging on the wall in the tub instead of trying to find where my son has moved my stuff. It would be nice if all I all my stuff at my finger-tips. I think I am going to have to buy at least one more if not 2 more.”

So if you want to create a tidier bath time, then the bath toy organizer could be the answer to creating a tidier and more organized environment for you and your kid.

To discover more about the Bath-Buddy’s bath toy organizer go to Amazon.com



Top 3 Teen Mission Organizations

A mission trip is an amazing journey that exposes first-world luxury and opens the heart to people living in abject poverty or unsafe environments. For a teenager, a mission trip can be the beginning of a lifelong passion to serve and an opportunity for new adventures. For parents, a mission trip might sound scary and overwhelming so detailed research is vital in choosing the mission organization that best serves the population while keeping its volunteers safe. Domestic and international missions vary drastically in scope and regulation; this article offers the best domestic mission organization for teens, the best international mission organization for teens, and the best organization that offers mission trips both within the United States and worldwide.


The Christian Appalachian Project (CAP), founded in 1964 and based in Kentucky, serves the residents of the Appalachia Region. Much of their work is focused in Kentucky but they also send teams to help residents in 13 neighboring states. Appalachia is home to some of the nation’s poorest families, in fact 41% are considered living in poverty. The CAP works with families, the elderly, and adults living with disabilities; their goal is to lift people out of poverty by encouraging self-help and teaching life skills. Each summer, the CAP hosts YouthFest mission trips as an alternative to traditional Spring Break trips for high school students. Groups of any size can spend 1-2 weeks building and repairing houses for families in the region who desperately need help. They also offer Short Term mission opportunities for individuals or groups who can commit to a full summer of home building and repair. Teens can also apply for Summer Camp positions to offer encouragement and hope to children living in poverty and gain a more personal insight into the reality of life in Appalachia.


Teen Missions sent its first team out in 1971 and hasn’t looked back since. They currently serve more than 110 countries and offer several teen mission trips each year. Teen missionaries can choose which country or region they would like to serve and apply for a position on the team. Tasks vary depending on the location but often include building wells or schools, repairing homes, or helping to cultivate farm land. Obviously an international mission will require more documentation, medical evaluations, vaccinations, and personal volunteer costs but the investment may well be worth the returns. The opportunity to travel the world, meet new people, experience an entirely different culture, and make a positive impact on the world is priceless.

Domestic and International

Adventures In Missions offers prospective missionaries the choice between serving in the United States or internationally. Domestic missions may be urban or rural, an alternative that is appealing to many teens who wish to experience life and make a difference in a setting apart from their own without traveling overseas. Adventures in Missions focuses on relationships and weaving missionaries into the ministries already in place in their destination. Service projects may be a need in some areas but other mission trips may include prayer walks, evangelism, or sports ministry.

Choosing to serve on a missions trip is a commitment that should not be made lightly; teens should be aware of the responsibilities, code of conduct, and time frame they are committing to. Serving with an open heart can be a life-changing experience that will hopefully continue throughout a lifetime.

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Homeschooling a Large Family

Homeschooling a large family certainly poses challenges but teaching a larger group also holds some inherent advantages. Parents should not be intimidated by the idea of homeschool if they have a large family, rather they should embrace the idea of utilizing their children’s strengths to enhance all of their educational experiences.

To set up a classroom that can accommodate a large number of children, parents should start by determining if each child will need desk space or if a communal work table will suffice. There are benefits to each so the decision should be based upon children’s learning style, curriculum, and space available. It is important, however, to ensure that children have a space in which they can comfortably write, draw, or test without too many distractions.


Limiting distractions is another challenge in homeschooling large families. Some families choose to focus on teaching 1-2 children at a time while the others are engaged in play or other tasks. Other families choose to focus on classroom time with everyone at once so that play and family responsibilities can occur all together. If the age range amongst siblings is large, parents will need to ensure that the younger children are not bothering older children as they are trying to process information, think creatively, or take tests.

However, one of the benefits of homeschooling a large family is allowing older children to assist in the teaching of younger children. Not only can this practice help with organization and time management, but teaching a lesson can help cement the information into a child’s brain or even give them new insights into a concept. A child who idolizes an older sibling may be more receptive to a lesson from that sibling, especially if they have been struggling with the concept or rebelling against the parent.

Younger siblings can also take on the responsibility of helping older siblings by being research assistants, art project models, or listening to presentations or creative writing assignments. Allowing children to work collaboratively, despite age differences, can be a great tool in teaching kids about learning differences and how to operate in the workforce as adults. The age differences can make lesson planning challenging but as parents gain experience, it will become easier. Stacked learning about a single subject can assist in the planning, allowing older children to delve deeper into a topic while younger children are taught the basic concepts.

Time management is of vital importance when homeschooling a large family. Parent teachers need to make the best use of time to make sure everyone gets enough attention. Using regular household responsibilities to enhance learning is not only smart time management for school but also for housework. Alongside learning practical life skills, cooking time can teach numbers and math concept, laundry folding can be time to color sort and compare sizes, and outside playtime can teach biology, chemistry, botany, and earth science.

Time is not the only valuable resource, however. Homeschooling a large family can be expensive but a little bit of practicality and some recycling can go a long way. Paper should never be garbage but can always be used as scrap paper, painting paper, papier mache` material, or turned into origami animals. Milk cartons can be cut into pieces and used to make ornaments, wall decorations, or simply to practice cutting and tracing. Ripped or torn clothing can become puppets, monsters, or materials for mixed media artwork.

Choosing to homeschool a large family is a big commitment but one that can have a huge payoff for children and parents alike.


For 15 years Mimi Rothschild has been privileged to help hundreds of thousands of homeschoolers educate their children at home. The MorningStar Academy is a private online Christian school offering diplomas and teachers. The Jubilee Academy is an online Christian curriculum provider offering over 150 full year online Christian courses for PreK-12.




Educational Toys

One of the most important things in life is literacy. In fact, one of the most important things your children will learn to do during their lives is learn to read. Learning to read well at an early age is truly the key for a bright future. Studies show that children who learn to read at an early age are more likely to become successful students throughout their educational careers.

How can you, as a parent, help your children learn to read at an early age? One way is to start reading to your children as early as possible. Another way is to give them learning tools that aid their development and understanding of language. One of these vital tools is educational toys. http://www.toydepotbargains.com/ carry many great educational toys.


In example would be LeapFrog. They have really established a collection of learning toys and tools that help children at any age learn to speak, read and learn. LeapFrog engages all of the child’s senses to capture their attention and get them interested in the words. LeapFrog even has toys that is a type of pen device that children touch on the pages of a book. When this Tag reader touches the pages, it recites the words on the page, helping children learn the sound of the word while correlating that word to its written form.

This Reading System from LeapFrog works with special Tag reader-enabled book. The Tag reader has a tiny camera on the tip that looks at the images of the words and recites them back to the child. The best part? The amazing technology behind the this, the Pink Tag™ Reading System from LeapFrog allows it to adjust to a child’s level, allowing the child to easily understand what is being read back to them. You won’t have to worry about frustrating your child with Pink Tag™ Reading System from LeapFrog!

The Pink Tag™ Reading System from LeapFrog is interactive for you as a parent as well. You can connect the Pink Tag™ Reading System from LeapFrog to your computer and track your child’s progress through the books and reward their growth by developing a learning path made specifically for them!

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How to Opt Out of Vaccinations in Your State

Parents, physicians, and lawmakers debate on the safety and effectiveness of today’s vaccines. Some vaccination guidelines vary based on the type of vaccine that is required by the state that does not reflect the recommendations of pediatricians and public health entities. Each state has their own laws regarding vaccination requirements and exemptions. Exemptions can be based on three reasons: medical, religious, and philosophical.

All states allow a child exemption from one or more vaccines if they have written medical exemption. A licensed medical or osteopathic doctor can determine if the child is at risk by taking the vaccine, but they must often follow contraindication guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control.

All states except for Mississippi and West Virginia allow a child exemption to vaccination based on sincere religious belief. This exemption is based on the constitutional right to exercise religious beliefs. The state definition of religious belief varies as some states require specific membership and written proof from bonefide religions that prohibit invasive medical procedures.

Many states allow philosophical or conscientious exemptions, however legislation continues to change for this exemption. The efforts of lobbyists for pharmaceuticals, medical trades and public health industries want to eliminate or restrict this type of exemption.

One resource that has complied the state laws and vaccine requirements is the National Vaccine Information Center (http://www.nvic.org). They also keep advocates informed of changes in vaccine policies and legislation. All information on this site is for educational purposes and is not intended to be used for medical or legal advice.


Mimi Rothschild is a veteran homeschooling mother of 8, writer of a series of books called Cyberspace for Kids, and passionate advocate for children and education that is truly worthy of them. In 2001, Mimi and her late husband founded Learning By Grace, a leading provider of online Christian homeschooling Academies. 

4 Secrets Of Soul-Mate Couples

In a relationship both people usually want to do all that they can to ensure the partnership lasts and doesn’t lose its spark. But mis-understandings can arise which may cause both parties to feel a lack of their initial bond. This can ultimately lead to a devastating break-up or separation. On many levels this can be emotionally painful for all involved.

Here are 4 simple measures to adopt to assist you in keeping the romanticism in your relationship always brewing:

  1. Accept your partner as they are

Everyone has their faults, but work hard to accept both your partner’s good and not so great characteristics. Instead share words of appreciation, gratitude and encouragement whenever possible. Don’t try too hard to correct their every step or attempt to change them. This more often than not, will cause them to become annoyed or irritated within your relationship.  It would also be wise to give your significant other enough space to maintain their individuality and really try to love them selflessly.

  1. Show love and respect for one another

It’s always a good idea for both partners to express their love and regards for each other frequently. One way would be to compliment their physical and mental attributes when they aren’t expecting it. Another would be to show a genuine interest for their feelings, hobbies and overall well-being.  Sometimes this may be carried out with action rather than words. An example of this would be helping out with tasks your partner usually takes on throughout the week. Other ways would be taking interest in a new hobby the other has picked up or always working to strengthen the dialogue between the both of you.  At times, you may find a walk together or simply spending some quality time together, can reactivate the spark.  Additionally, warm verbal and physical expressions of love and appreciation are a sure fire way to assist you both in ensuring that you feel secure about your position in one another’s life.

  1. Analyze the causes of any misunderstanding or argument

In any relationship consisting of two individual people with their own personalities, likes and dislikes, it’s perfectly normal to not agree with one another on every issue or topic. What’s important however is that you always choose to find a solution for the argument or disagreement amicably. This will allow the both of you to feel satisfied with the outcome. It’s also equally as important to scrutinize the actual reason for your conflict and to be open to seeking outside counseling or mediation if need.  Doing this effectively can start you on your journey to amending all emotional differences and healing any old wounds. Working through outworn emotions will hopefully result in an increase of love, respect and trust within your union.

  1. Praise and Communicate on a daily basis

Openly praise your partner’s positive attributes and traits.  This unabashed appreciation for one another will ultimately continue to strengthen your bond.  Sharing your experiences in your day-to-day life is a great way to keep the gates of communication open and flowing. This will allow you both share any joys, despair, excitement and everything in between, on a more intimate level. Research has proven that informing one another about any ordinary or special incidents that occurred throughout the day can actually increase the level of love and understanding in any relationship.

-KayeCee Austin, TG2M Founder & Host

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Simple Ways to Get Closer to A pretty young Woman’s Heart

For many older gentlemen, it can be hard to find a way to get involved in the dating scene for younger women. It’s a hard thing to do, as many older men dating younger women feel quite awkward during the process. There’s always the question of age, maturity and the reasons why you are together. Is it for the right reasons?

As such, even when older men are just looking for fun, the alleged stigma puts them off taking any action. If you feel like this, then you should not have to put up with the stigma any longer – solutions do exist, and are freely available for you to make the most of. To make sure you can start moving towards being one of the older men looking for younger women without stigma and with success, try the following tips.

Don’t Try & Act Young

A stupid mistake for many older men dating younger women is they try and act younger. They dress like guys the age of their new partner, and try get involved in the same activities. However, have you ever realized that they might be dating you because they hate that kind of stuff?

Try and act yourself. You can only keep the charade up for so long before the mask falls, so be honest about who you are and what your personality is like. There’s no point hiding your maturity – it’s only going to cause problems later on down the line.

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How to Break Up the Homeschooling Day

A day in the life of a homeschool student should not mimic that of a public school student but should be based on the needs of the individual child. Breaks are important to the comprehension of new material and can aide in the memorization of important facts but frequent breaks are not feasible in a public school setting. One of the benefits of homeschooling is that parent/teachers can allow frequent breaks so children have a chance to process information, get the wiggles out, and prepare themselves to learn even more.

A “break” can mean anything from a quick dance party to snack time to gross motor play and should be scheduled regularly throughout the day. Preschool and younger elementary age children should not be expected to sit for more than 10-15 minutes without being provided a chance to stretch and move their bodies. With careful planning, you can even make movement part of the lesson: children can move like the animals they are learning about, pretend to be objects beginning with a specific letter, or mimic the water cycle. Children who have been allowed to move will be much more receptive to learning and better prepared for writing and other fine motor tasks.

Older children are generally able to focus for longer periods of time but it is still important to give them a chance to move, stretch, and regroup regularly. Allow some time for yoga between subjects, ask kids to jump on one foot as they recite math facts, or organize a race to group objects by category.

Breaks that don’t necessarily coincide with the lesson are important as well. Allow young children time for exploratory play with Legos, blocks, or other toys. Get them outside, weather permitting, to run and yell and be rowdy. Encourage healthy snacks mid-morning and after nap or rest time to fuel their brains and muscles. Download songs with clear instructions to jump, tip toe, gallop, crawl and stretch so kids learn how to move their bodies in different ways without feeling shy.

Even pre-teen and teenage kids need some downtime throughout the day. Allow for a few minutes of social media or other online time. Provide outdoor tasks or activities such as shooting baskets, playing catch, or weeding a flower bed. Calisthenics are a great way to get blood pumping and the body moving if outside time isn’t feasible. Even if they won’t admit it, older kids need some rest as well so encourage a few minutes of quiet conversation or reading to help their bodies and brains rejuvenate.

Devising a plan for a typical homeschool day seems like an easy task but the reality is rather complicated. Homeschool parent/teachers understand that a schedule is important to a successful educational plan; without a plan, it would be too easy to get distracted, complacent, or simply too tired to teach a lesson. Lessons and breaks should take place at a similar time each day, the structure and rules should be consistent, and the calendar should be followed as closely as possible to ensure that core subjects are taught and reviewed within the school year. But parent/teachers should also realize that a “typical” day will rarely happen, therefore the lesson plans and schedule need to be fluid and adjusted as necessary. There are simply days when more breaks are needed and the best homeschool settings allow for that to happen.


Mimi Rothschild is a veteran homeschooling mother of 8, writer of a series of books called Cyberspace for Kids, and passionate advocate for children and education that is truly worthy of them. In 2001, Mimi and her late husband founded Learning By Grace, a leading provider of online Christian homeschooling Academies. 



Over 50 Gay Man Dating Guides

As the cliché goes, even an old dog can learn new tricks. Over 50 dating for gay men opens up a completely new perspective as far as love is concerned. Men of a specific age are already used to an old system of practice and thought. You ask a man out, have fun and fall in love. But if you meet each other a little later on in your life, there’s a big chance that he already did these things with someone else, just like you.


It is never easy to reignite love in gay dating when you’re already over 50. But with this simple guide, you can be sure that you will have the best experience of your life.

Embrace Who You are Today

Life might have been hard for you in your younger years but those are all in the past. Now more than ever, it is the perfect time for you to look for contentment and this will all start with owning yourself before anything. Prior to rushing through that door to engage in over 50 dating in the hopes of finding love again, you have to know your real value. Thus, the first and major step to gay dating when you’re past your prime years is to fall in love not with others but with yourself.

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